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Just Five Things

We are planning a memorial service that will be happening this coming weekend. In fact, there will be two separate services. One for a life long lived, 96 years, one for a life too short.

During times of COVID it is a tricky thing to celebrate a life, but we can do it with caution.

My oldest daughter was trying to come up with five things she "knew" about her grandmother- the true person she was. Turns out, you don't really know people like you think you do.

This has been on my mind since she mentioned it and I have been struggling with the notion of it all. As I think about the people that I have known all ( or most ) of my life it is hard to find five specific things that might best describe who they are ( were) in life. You can come up with generalities about people but can you come up with definite character traits or things that speak to who these people in your life are? I challenge you. I am happier for you if you can , without hesitation, come up with five things.

For a few nights my last thoughts before drifting off were of some of these people- what is it that makes them who they are or were? Take some time to think of the people in your life- those people that you "think" you really know and see what you come up with. It is an interesting process and humbling at the same time.

You can lose yourself in your hooking project- or do one that speaks to what you might be feeling right now- right as the world is a bit upside down. Do you need to make a list?

Mine is very long-

There are some gorgeous things in the world too and those are what keep me chugging along at the moment. Birdsong, grandchildren, my own family, bees in the garden, sunrises and sunsets and many more....

Storm skies. dog, that brings us such joy.

Five things...give it some thought- let me know in the comment section down below and please share so that we can get other people thinking about what makes someone special.

I dare you.

Do you need a project? Some wool? Some linen? A frame, hook or something to just make you smile? Go to the website and have a look . There are some treasures there that might help you get through this time in our history.

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Jun 17, 2022

My deep condolences for your loss.


Jun 07, 2022

Good morning, Ellen…this is very thought provoking…thinking of you all…❤️Cyndy

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