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Intentions or goals?

new day at dawn

A new day

I (Intention)

Intentions and goals- two separate things? or are they? What are your intentions? are they in alignment with what your goals might be? Make this year a year to think about your intentions to perhaps realize some of your goals. That is my plan- let’s see how I do.

N (Need)

Need. Do you need to be doing what you are doing? or would it be a better idea if you tried something new? Do you need to make lists and stick to them? what are some things you can let go? Can you be smarter, more creative, be kinder, do more for others? What are your needs and how do they align with your intentions? What can you do differently ?

T (Try)

Try to not let the days fly past you. IF you can, be mindful of what it is that you intend on doing, that day, that week, that month, this year. Try, really, that’s all you can do isn’t it? Looking back over the year – I see that many of my yearly resolutions slipped away as the days and weeks moved forward. More important here is I’ve never been one to be able to even meal plan for a week without some glitch derailing that plan. However, I did accomplish things this past year- having the most profitable year in my business , for example. Moving forward I will try, with good intention, to up that this coming year. After all, I have learned a lot about selling and marketing, but there is ALWAYS more to learn and tweak. That website…

E (Entertain)

Entertain the idea of your intentions. Perhaps think or entertain the idea of learning new things. How about the idea of revisiting something that you used to do but have let fall aside due to time constraints. Skiing? exercising? getting outside more? making time for friends? Then there is always the idea of doing something out of your comfort zone- maybe something that even scares you a bit. With that intention and goal it could be a more interesting year.

N (Nurture)

Nurture your intentions. You can’t just put them out there and not give them the time they need to come to fruition. Nurture yourself and the rest will come. Where have I heard that before? Everywhere???

T (Think)

Think about the year that has just passed. What about it was good? ( a new grandchild was born for one thing!) what was it that really wasn’t that great? (more skin issues) Imagine how you can carry on with the good parts of the years past, and think about how you can let go of the things that weren’t so great.(ALWAYS wear a hat!?) Make some changes if that will help. Be intentional about how your year should look- what kinds of goals might be useful.

I (Intend)

Intention- back to that word. “She had good intentions, but they didn’t pan out”. Has this ever happened to you? Intentions can be like goals- set small ones that can be more attainable. Short goals, daily, weekly – these don’t seem so cumbersome or daunting. You can revisit them more easily when they have shorter time frames.

O (Optimistic)

Optimistic. Let’s try to be more positive and optimistic. It is hard, considering the daily news that bombards us day in and day out. The politics, the fires, the droughts, the earthquakes, the storms, the shootings. Let’s be optimistic about what we can do , what we can accomplish this year and try to let go of the negative stuff. Find a way to make things better- don’t just complain about what is wrong- how can you help? what kindness can you show, what change can you make that will be for the overall good of the earth and it’s many diverse people? Be optimistic about your intentions to do good work. Make a pillow 🙂

N (Nourish)

Nourish your goals and intentions, creativity , relationships, your health, wellness, your craft. How can you find ways that will help you grow? Even at my age there are always new ways to seek nourishment. Food, of course, but how can a live performance, a trip to a place you’ve never been, a visit to a craftsman’s place of work, a stroll through a gallery – how can these things nourish you and fill you up with ideas?

Finished this custom rug

Best of plans

So with all of my good intentions and quasi goals- I had intended to get this out last week. But, par usual around here, things got in the way. My young dog was spayed and is a hard one to leave alone- sedatives? what sedatives??? She is taking them but they aren’t working! Notice the tape on her “cone of shame”- or, as the vet tech refers to it- her” happy hat”. Chewing, chewing… She has, somehow, opened up her incision just a tiny bit but enough to be concerning… A Saturday trip to the vet with a return trip on Monday as a follow up. We’ve tried to be so good! She is trying to be so good but it is J U S T so H A R D!

I will be writing goals for my business – intentions don’t really apply here do they? You need to have specific goals in your business so that you can move forward. More about that later.

And I decided this would be a good time to apply the cream and ointment to my face that my dermatologist has been after me to do for years. Efudex, that wonder cream, brings all of the sun damaged skin to the surface and eventually sloughs the bad off before it gets a chance to turn into something worse. Believe me, I’ve had the worse- many MOHS surgeries and radiation this fall. No pity from any of you- just the facts as I have lived them. Wear your sunscreen people- that’s all I have to say on the point.

Better days ahead

My grandson loving life

Wow, it’s been a long week and next week doesn’t look like it will be too much better. Gracie will be feeling more energetic and harder to keep calm and my face continues to get redder as if I have chicken pox or the measles. We are quite the pair! I have been actively staying inside this past week and we are both getting a bit stir crazy!

Pattern sorting and putting on linen

So- along the line of being optimistic and nurturing? Patterns are being realized as I move everything down into my kitchen so as to keep a close eye on the other patient…things are getting done- both Gracie and I are on the upswing and we will be back to “normal” before you know it!

I don’t intend to be preachy here – just something to think about as you begin your plans for the year ahead. We “intend” to travel a bit more. My husband will retire and looks forward to gardening, making and reading all he wants without cramming it into weekend warrior status.

Let your new year- this beginning of the new decade of 2020 – be one that is both memorable for you , productive and positive. Just imagine how you might make that happen.

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