I almost hit a moose today

Subaru and milage

100,00 miles and going strong

On my way back from town today I almost hit a moose – I could see the whites of her eyes, or rather the surprised look on her face as she and I veered off in different directions. I say it was a she since she had the good sense not to keep running straight at me. If I had been a few moments later there would have been a large van in the opposite lane and I would have either hit him or the moose. My heart was pounding- I’ve never come that close before! I came to a stop half way in the other lane honking my horn – she veered off behind me and continued across the windy road. For an animal of that size, they are quite agile. She was running at quite a clip when she emerged from the woods on the side of the road- I never saw her until she was right at my front right headlight. I am very careful as I drive along our Maine roads- there is wildlife everywhere !

Not my photo of the moose

This is not the photo of the moose that I encountered- it all happened too fast to get a picture of this magnificent animal. Last year there was the Bethel Moose Festival in my town and this was one of their promotional photos- obviously taken at a slower pace!

Seeing the van coming over the hill I stuck my arm out the window and did the “slow down danger” movement – luckily he slowed and she was able to get into the woods on the other side.

Not 500 feet down the road a turkey hen and 4 babies came across in front of me! Wild kingdom today- and this was 11:00 a.m.

My heart was still pounding when I got home and felt lucky to have made it safely back. I am so sad each time I see a poor porcupine that didn’t make it across, a raccoon, even a squirrel. They are so busy just going about their days and then- wham- someone wasn’t paying enough attention.

Drive safely out there today, and always. You just never know when a moose, deer, bear ( I live in Maine remember) or cat may wander in front of you. Their intentions are not to harm you, they are just going about their day- thinking about what is next.

New floors

Waiting for the new floor to be installed

I was thinking about what was co