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I almost hit a moose today

Subaru and milage

100,00 miles and going strong

On my way back from town today I almost hit a moose – I could see the whites of her eyes, or rather the surprised look on her face as she and I veered off in different directions. I say it was a she since she had the good sense not to keep running straight at me. If I had been a few moments later there would have been a large van in the opposite lane and I would have either hit him or the moose. My heart was pounding- I’ve never come that close before! I came to a stop half way in the other lane honking my horn – she veered off behind me and continued across the windy road. For an animal of that size, they are quite agile. She was running at quite a clip when she emerged from the woods on the side of the road- I never saw her until she was right at my front right headlight. I am very careful as I drive along our Maine roads- there is wildlife everywhere !

Not my photo of the moose

This is not the photo of the moose that I encountered- it all happened too fast to get a picture of this magnificent animal. Last year there was the Bethel Moose Festival in my town and this was one of their promotional photos- obviously taken at a slower pace!

Seeing the van coming over the hill I stuck my arm out the window and did the “slow down danger” movement – luckily he slowed and she was able to get into the woods on the other side.

Not 500 feet down the road a turkey hen and 4 babies came across in front of me! Wild kingdom today- and this was 11:00 a.m.

My heart was still pounding when I got home and felt lucky to have made it safely back. I am so sad each time I see a poor porcupine that didn’t make it across, a raccoon, even a squirrel. They are so busy just going about their days and then- wham- someone wasn’t paying enough attention.

Drive safely out there today, and always. You just never know when a moose, deer, bear ( I live in Maine remember) or cat may wander in front of you. Their intentions are not to harm you, they are just going about their day- thinking about what is next.

New floors

Waiting for the new floor to be installed

I was thinking about what was coming up next too. I had been waiting for the floor installers to arrive to continue work in our family room. They were 3 hours past their promised time of arrival. After a text I decided to drive into town for the mail that I hadn’t gotten in several days. They promised to be here by 11, they showed up at 12:30.

That evening….

Later that day…three deer were in our back yard- chewing on the leaves and on the hosta planted around the perimeter of the woods near one of the gardens. That evening I saw the reflection of eyes as I traveled home from Book Club- another deer, then shortly there after- an owl flew across the road (this was all in the dark) and landed in the tree beside the road, looking at me as I passed.

My life has been super busy lately- I am constantly thinking about what projects I want to work on- what patterns – what colors of wool to dye. It is no wonder that animals often are the subjects of my designs. One has been sketched with the title “my back yard” with all of the animals that I am likely to see in a weeks time.  I know that things will settle into place once the fall comes. Until then- be patient with me- I’m mulling things over and may actually get some more things listed in the shop for you, but until then, say a prayer that the wildlife stays where it needs to be- in the woods – and tell them that no, the grass isn’t necessarily greener on the other side…

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