He was just a cat… George

When people have lost pets (cats in particular) I’ve heard some say  “what’s wrong with her, he was just a cat.”  Obviously they have never known the unconditional love of an animal.

George the cat

Sunlit George

George was the best cat I have ever had the privilege to share a small part of my life with. There have been many cats throughout my life and one,  Stubby, was a close second. He was my childhood cat and I remember vividly the day I lost him.

I knew George from the time he was days old. His mother had been a stray in our yard. There are rarely cats outside where we live due to the predators of fox, eagles, owls and coyote. I realized that she was hungry and determined.

We fed her outside and tried to coax her towards us. She was a stunning cat and voracious hunter. In fact, it has taken years for our chipmunk population to bounce back!  After winning her trust we found her hideout, an abandoned chicken coop over the hill next door. She was hunting to feed her kittens- 3 of them.

George was hiding amongst the gathered “meals” and trash in the abandoned coop. His mom, who we named Stella, refused to leave until we had all 3 of her babies. Stella was a wonderful protective mother cat. All 3 kittens looked very different from one another, but George was the spitting image of his mother. I knew I had to keep him. We found homes for Stella and the other 2 kittens, thankfully, since we already owned 2 yellow labs and a finicky cat. Our house was a bit chaotic while Stella and her babies were here. We kept everyone separated by floors, rotating dogs, existing cat Simon and the new little “family”.  Stella was determined NOT to let anyone hurt her babies! It took Simon many many years to recover from Stella’s attack. His life flashed before his eyes when cornered in the family room.