Gracie in training

Who is training who? I’d like to think that we are training Gracie, but in fact, she may have equal billing right now.

Gracie in Art's lap

Gracie the “lap dog”

We started puppy training classes- we are going into week 4 now. Art joined me last week for the first time and now is on board with the lingo. Our trainer is very skilled and good with both dogs and horses. She seems to really enjoy Gracie but does acknowledge that Gracie is a dog that will greatly benefit from this training. Gracie is very receptive to the food reward training regime. I feel like a crazy person with my training bag strapped around my waist filled with carefully prepared chicken cubes, but hey, a person has to do what a person has to do!

Reward treats

Chicken used as a reward for training Gracie

Petsafe training pouch