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Going “green” at home and at work

Spring time flowers are blooming here in Maine

Just a quick update on how the move to going green at home and at work is progressing. I talked about the Vejibag in the past and other ways that were being tested here. Well, the testing has happened and here are the results thus far.

That Vejibag is awesome! Truly – There were salad greens in it for 2 weeks and none, that’s right, none had to be thrown away. Just incredible, so it is highly recommended by this person who hates to add things to the compost bin if it isn’t completely necessary. Adding peels, veg ends, etc IS perfectly fine but the thought of throwing food that has spoiled in the bin is very sad in my mind. Throwing money in the compost just isn’t right! That’s what it amounts to when your produce spoils before you have a chance to eat it.

Also- the packaging for the business is coming along. The first kit package was mailed using a recycled made box by EcoEnclose- pretty happy with how that went. I am using up my old polymailers but when they are gone the switch to the new recycled mailers will begin. They are just waiting to go into action. Packaging is hard and you want to get things to the customer in a safe, stylish way- so the current plan seems to be working thus far.

Now- to package a frame, cut wool and wool fats for a customer-

Until next time- try to think how you can best be green.

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