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Getting ready for The Vintage Bazaar of New England

I am getting ready for my first ever show and I must say, I should have planned further in advance. The Vintage Bazaar of New England in Eliot, ME on the grounds of the Raitt  Homestead Farm should prove to be a learning experience for us both. It will be happening this coming Columbus Day weekend. Fall is in the air – people are looking for projects, gifts, ways to get outside and enjoy the day. Let’s hope that the air is crisp and clear! Here are 2 pillows that will be offered for sale.

Hooked rug pillows

Listen to the Bees hooked pillow and Birch hooked pillow

There will be well over 200 vendors there- mostly vintage sellers sprinkled with some artisan makers. Oh, that’s me, the maker. I will be sharing a booth with the very talented – full of great ideas – Connie Fletcher of Seven Gables Designs I actually learned to hook in Connie’s studio that she had several years ago ( as I mentioned in a previous blog post). We have been very busy designing and making in preparation of this show. I will be offering some things that haven’t been offered before, some new items, some fall items and some that I list in my ETSY shop. There may be some kits or wool as well if I get that organized. I’m more than confident that Connie will have some unique and wonderful items to offer as well.

I have a new found respect now for people who do this for a living- the amount of work , details , planning and good faith that goes into this is more than I ever imagined. I am equating it to childbirth. The first birth is pretty scary and after it is over you tell yourself- “yup, I can do this again.” I did- I have three great kids.

So- wish Connie and I luck- sunny skies – people who appreciate artisan craftsmanship and are willing to pay what it is worth. The next time you go to a show – think of all of the back planning that went into each sellers booth – maybe you will look at them a bit differently – I know that I will.

If you have never been to The Vintage Bazaar of New England – well, you should come on over. There will be lots to see – food – music and friendly people.

We hope to see you there!

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