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Fresh start again

Winter walking in snow

A walk in the woods

Each year we all think that we have a fresh start, a new beginning when the calendar turns to January. Here we are, January of 2019! Can we really start fresh- do we need to? or do we just need a moment to step back, think about the year that has just passed, remember the good, let go of the bad and allow ourselves to forge ahead with new ideals, thoughts, ambitions, hopes and dreams.

I intend, once again, to try to be healthier, more fit, better organized, read more, create more, learn something new, be open to more ideas, be kinder, be more forgiving, think before I speak, and yes, start fresh again. Tall order? maybe, but then again, maybe not. Life is what you make it and these things shouldn’t be hard to do throughout the year.

What ideals will you press on with? will you find yourself being more creative? more forgiving? more open to other peoples points of view? more apt to go for a walk than take the next cookie? more politically active?

My hope is that I will be able to build into my life the time it takes to let the creativity flow, get things on paper, make them a reality. My dream is that I can figure out how to improve my terrible habit of leaving things wherever I drop them and pick up as I go- it WILL save me time in the long run! time to walk with the new puppy, time to play in the dye pots, time to draw patterns and get them on linen, time to photograph my items and actually get them listed! Time to develop my website and let people know what I am doing, who I am and that, yes, you can trust that you will get a quality piece of work from me when you decide to order. So maybe, just maybe, learn to say no so I can get these things in order. Hmmmmm

Hand dyed wool

Red hand dyed wool in the making

Well, here we go…a fresh start again…what will you do this year to make yours memorable? No excuses, no “but I”, no “what if”, no “I really should be doing…” Take this opportunity to take a moment ( or two or three) and decide to make this year one for the books. Good luck with however you decide to make this year “yours” , one to be proud of, one to look back on with pride and fondness. Keep me posted and I’ll do the same.

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