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Fire Cider and Elderberry syrup

Do you think you might need a spoonful of sugar- (you know like the Mary Poppins song)to make the fire cider and elderberry syrup go down? Well, I say you don’t.

Fire cider

Fire Cider beverage

Adding 1 teaspoon of fire cider vinegar in water a day is a part of the daily routine. Then a teaspoon of Maine Medicinals Elderberry syrup straight from the bottle for good measure. Both have a unique favor and are quite tasty, so I don’t really need the spoonful of sugar to make either go down.

Since Gracie, the puppy has come into our lives, I have been hiking daily when at home. Being out in the fresh air never hurt anyone. Today might be different since it feels like -7 degrees out there!

What do you do to keep yourself healthy ? In the winter months when windows are closed tight, the air is dry and people are often in enclosed spaces together happily spreading their germs, how do you cope? It can be hard to stay above it all. Let’s hope that this helps a little bit.

Try the fire cider- there are recipes to make your own. A link to another blogger mommypotomus who has a lovely explanation of how to make it in your own kitchen if you prefer is included here. I intend to make my own some day- but for now, I’ll drink mine from the bottles that I already have in my cupboard.

Let me know if you try to make your own and how it turns out.

Heading outside to brave the cold, Fire Cider and Elderberry syrup taken…

Later to warm up I will bring out the wool and hook on my secret project. This will be revealed as I continue to hook away on it.

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