Feeling Nostalgic around Memorial Day

Feeling nostalgic on Memorial Day weekend-

This was the kind of day that ran through all of the memories of my childhood yet was building new memories for tomorrow.


My oldest daughter, my grandson, granddaughter and I went to the cemetery in Saco to plant the Memorial Day flowers. First you should know that I, and I suspect, my daughter,  have always felt a sense of calm in this cemetery. It is huge, well groomed and has graves that date from the early 1800’s to now. I noticed that each time I visit I go down a different in-road that brings my eye past new stones, so it is possible that there may be some earlier graves that I haven’t discovered yet.

cemetary stones

I used to go dutifully with my own mother when I was a child- we would visit her parents graves, plant and tend the flowers, visiting from time to time throughout the summer and fall to tidy the flowers up. She visited often. I believe she truly missed her mother who died before my mother ever married.

So, we all went to my grandparents graves first. It is always a surprise to see that my grandmother was born in the 1890’s! My daughter prepared the earth by the stone (she is a farmer after all) and my grandson helped with watering using his own watering can. Quite sweet. I know that both of my daughters and my son are trying to make a mental note of just where this grave is so that they might tend it after I am no longer able. Like I said, this is a large cemetery and it is easy to get lost! My grandfather was a very stern man that we lived with until his death when I was in third grade.