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Dyeing to dye

Dyeing Bliss


I was hesitant to venture into the world of dyeing wool because I thought that once I tried there was no turning back. Well, it turns out I was right about myself. I love to see the colors forming on the wool as I add the dye mixture to the almost boiling water, swirl it around and drop the wool in- just like magic- instantly changes and brings to life a new and different color



With the new dye formula recipes that I am making up as I go along, I am never quite sure what the finished result will be, so the waiting is part of the fun and excitement. I have been diligently writing all of my recipes down and keeping a notebook of swatches so that I can theoretically reproduce those that I love, those that I think others might enjoy, or those that I am using in a project and need just a little bit more of. That happened to me this week. I crossed my fingers that I would get the color right again and voila! I did it- magic – such fun.



My biggest problem with this new found love is the use of my kitchen- I have to share with my Father in law’s health care workers- so I am learning to work around them- working when they are not in the house and he is tucked in safely asleep. You don’t want to mix wool dyeing with food preparation anyway- so there it is- I am left to be a night dyeing experimenter.

My focus this week was mostly on reds, pinks and purples-hard to photograph but beautiful results! I have offered some in my shop since I have the recipes and can duplicate them if needed. Next I am going to the greens and yellows. There is always a need for greens in my work and a little yellow splash is usually welcomed.


Keep watching, checking in and asking me questions- use some of these wonderful wools in your next project- I think you will be pleased.

Have a great weekend.



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