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Copying patterns

This post isn't just about copying patterns- it is about actually "stealing" someone's rug pattern and claiming it to be your own.

What happened to me yesterday was so very disappointing! The worst thing is- this same studio has "stolen" before- not from me ( that I know of) but from another friend. I don't have the time or energy to be a watchdog and be assured that my designs aren't in the hands of someone else!Thankfully my friend saw it and immediately contacted me.

It's shameful, dishonest and taking much too much of my time tracking it down to get it resolved.The short resolution is that the studio owner claims to to taking the pattern out of her shop by tomorrow- time will tell won't it? She is making good money on it because she has it listed as a kit. I work very hard at keeping all of the plates up in the air and spinning! I do everything myself except for the fact that I did finally hire a web designer for me, that was a great decision!

Last winter I fell in love with a quilt design- I contacted the designer, Dora Cary of and asked if I could design a rug with her design in mind. She was so thankful that I reached out and said that most people would never do that. Why?? it's so easy and just the right thing to do in the end. What kind of person do YOU want to be? I want to be the kind that stays within the boundaries of my craft- takes inspiration from all sorts of places and then incorporates those ideas into my designs.

Not to be negative here- but this felt like someone broke into my home and stole my property- as if I was vandalized. You know what? I didn't like it!

I won't reveal the studio at this point but will do if she doesn't follow through on what she said. I have three lawyers in my family. My daughter, daughter in law and son in law- they will help if needed- but let's hope they don't have to- they are busy enough with their own work.

So folks- do the right thing. Period.

Need something to make you smile? Check this out...not quite finished but hope to be soon.

Please let me know what you think about all of this- I'm very curious.

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