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At the burn pile with opera

Yard clean up

Art burning brush

How many of you listen to opera while burning brush? You don’t? well I don’t, necessarily either, but my husband does. He is in absolute heaven! His favorite things are gardening, books and opera on Saturday afternoon.

Brush pile

Art burning leaves and sticks

Hmmmm. Did I know this when I married him those many years ago? No, but did he know that I would have a wool collection that rivals any good rug hooking establishment, multiple hooking frames, patterns, bolts of linen on the dining room table, rulers, scissors, sharpies and endless wool worms? No, he didn’t either.

Daffodils in the garden

Spring daffodils

Good thing we can look the other way at times- or sometimes even join in with the others interests. I love a good fire and actually like gardening when their aren’t any black flies and read books (not the same ones that he does). He, on occasion,  will give me some feedback on designs, colors and helps with figuring out the “math” part of things.

It’s a good partnership. Thanks for the differences in each other and for the things we share in common. It’s what makes our life interesting and fresh.

What were you up to today? I’m presently baking beans as a trial for our son’s upcoming wedding .

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