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These rug hooks ( or Hookies as the maker calls them ), are made in Ireland one hook at a time. Beautifully hand crafted out of Yew wood and brass. 
If you could hold one in your hand you would know how lovely they are. These are truly a dream to work with. They immediately feel like they belong in your hand like no other hook you have held.
The pear handle is just a wider straight handle.
The ergo handle has a slight indentation for your hand to rest on.
The pencil hooks are longer.
The curved hooks are just that- curved hook with varying handles to suit your needs.
My personal preference is the pencil hook but I enjoy the bent hook from time to time as well. 
This maker is a dear man and is now in business with his son. 
Once you try one you will never hook with another hook again .
I have fallen in love with these beautiful hooks and I hope you will too. 
Formally known as Hartman Hooks, now known as The Irish Hook.

Rug hooks made in Ireland, pencil hooks

SKU: RH0001
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