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Introducing the HOPE  pattern - a rug hooking design that was created to spread love and positivity in the aftermath of a tragic event. This pattern is small and simple, measuring just 14 x 8 inches, making it easy and quick to complete. What's more, all proceeds from the sale of this pattern will be donated to The United Way of Androscoggin County in Maine, a site that has been highly recommended by the Mills administration. By purchasing this pattern, you can contribute to a worthy cause and create a beautiful piece of art at the same time. Spread hope in your life and beyond. Display in your home or gift it to another.

Rug hooking pattern, HOPE

  • There is another pattern that you might wish to hook on your own. It is a pattern on linen of the state of Maine. If you want, I can add a heart to it if you ask. You can find it with this link or in the pattern section of the website.


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