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Ricky Raccoon rug hooking pattern. 


12 inch diameter pattern


All of my patterns are hand drawn on unbleached primitive linen with a generous 4 inch serged border.


This is an updated version of an old pattern in the shop. It is meant to have a primitive look.


OK, ok, you don't want Ricky messing around in places he isn't wanted but how about having him as a chair pad or table mat? Raccoons are quite cute after all.


This will be great as a camp or cottage rug.   

Make it your own by using your own color palette and adding some yarns or other embellishments.

My great aunts once had a raccoon that visited their camp everyday - they actually let him inside! and fed him. It was well before I was born so I just heard the legend and secretly wished I had been witness to their little friend. They had been great outdoors people who hiked the White Mts many a time. Now I am not recommending that anyone do this themselves, but the story was fun. There may be a photo some where in my inherited things.


Hook this little mat , just for fun. I used browns and greens to give it a folk art feel, but you could certainly hook it to be much more realistic if you wanted. The woodlands series collection is always growing.


Rug Hooking Pattern - Ricky Raccoon

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