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Piggy Pink is back in stock.

Newly dyed soft pinky orange colored wool. Lovely color for making pigs, of course, but also flowers or to add to a sunrise or sunset. Sometimes you just need to have a bit of fun with your color choices.


Three differnt wool choices but they all would be great together too!

Sparkle with the slightest hint of glitter and nicely mottled.

Cloud- which is a textured cloud like wool that is soft and so easy to work with.

Then an overdyed neutral colored wool that took this dye formula like a pro.


Would be the perfect wool to use for my Posey pig pattern


All wool is personally dyed in small batches by me in our Maine kitchen. I like to call my colors recipes but they are often referred to as formulas...


Hand Dyed "Piggy Pink” Wool

SKU: Wool0035
  • pink

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