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Halloween rug hooking pattern of witch hat, cat, bat, and pumpkin.


All of my patterns are hand drawn on unbleached primitive linen with a generous 4 inch serged border. 


The hat is the predominant feature of the rug.

The others are hiding beside or behind the hat .


I love Halloween. Maybe it is the anticipation or the spookiness of it for the kids that makes it such fun. The air is generally crisp and the colors can be so vibrant. Kids and adults alike can dress up and be whoever they want to be for a few hours. It is some peoples' favorite holiday because of that. The pumpkins can be especially fun to carve and light.


This is a great Halloween rug and fun to hook.

I have seen it hooked with slight variations in color that made it personal to the maker.

Get this as a gift for yourself or for a friend that loves Halloween.

Make it in the colors of your choosing and let it be one of a kind.

Rug hooking pattern for Halloween - Witch Hat, Bat, Pumpkin

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