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"Lucy Pink" dark pink hand dyed wool.


Put some pizzaz into work with this dark pink wool. You may notice the slightest mottling in these pieces of wool. It will add some subtle interest to your work.


Do you have some flowers to hook? or apply to something else? maybe a doll's coat?


Lucy loves pink- like a lot of little girls- but then, I know some big people who love pink too! How will you use this great color?


I see it as flowers but could be a wonderful addition in a geometric or abstract piece.


All of my wool is hand dyed by me in my Maine kitchen. The recipes are mine and I love to create new ones! No two dyes are ever quite the same- no two artists dyes are either. This unique color will be great in whatever project you choose to use it on, or in. 

Hand Dyed "Lucy Pink” Wool

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  • pink

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