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Waiting for spring

So the calendar says it’s spring but I still need my winter coat, sometimes my boots and almost daily, my gloves. I’m waiting and have hope that it will finally come.

LL Bean boots

Maine boot collection

What this weather IS doing is helping the maple syrup producers have the best year in a long time. That is something to celebrate! I love, love, love anything with real maple syrup.  I use it when I make granola for one thing.

Eat the syrup as is- that’s the best – or sugar on snow? yummy Pancakes, waffles?

The syrup comes form a local producer and farmer. Steve is a true “Mainer” with a dry sense of humor and a love of farming and a simple life.

I make my own yogurt and have this granola on top with berries on most mornings. It is satisfying and has enough protein to keep me going. If you use this recipe feel free to mix it up a bit. Different nuts, dried fruit- I even substitute quinoa flakes for some of the oats.

I use Maine Grain oats too. You can read about them here. Food, spring, vegetable gardens…sweet dreams indeed.

Have you started seedlings yet?? It’s time 😉

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