Visiting the Mid Coast of Maine

Last weekend my husband and I went north and visited the “Mid Coast” of Maine.

Gracie the Labrador Pup

Gracie the Pup at Cellardoor Winery

We decided to bring Gracie the Pup along , who was a great traveler. It helped that the air temperatures were cool so keeping her in the car from time to time wasn’t a problem. I opened the roof and she was fine.

View from our cabin in Lincolnville

Lincolnville was our home base, so to speak. What a lovely little spot! The first night we had a seaside cabin with a deck overlooking the ocean. Wow, so special. The second night we were bumped to one cabin back- which we knew was going to occur, but that wasn’t a problem at all since we still had a perfect view of the sea. Our prior planning could have been better there but we waited until the last minute to make our decision. There is a new baby due to arrive soon and we didn’t want to be too far away in case we were “called into duty”.

Sarah and Lucy awaiting the arrival of the new baby

New baby brother coming soon!

Towns visited

Dice Head Light house

Dice Head LIghtHouse Castine, Maine

Maine maritime tugboat

Cute little tugboat from Maine Maritime

We visited Castine, (the home of Maine Maritime Academy), Bayside, ( a step back in time with small Victorian cottages), Camden and Rockland. What a lovely part of our great state of Maine. You could spend an entire year traveling around from town to town, island to island, cove to little cove and still not see it all.

The Lobster rolls

There were some lobster roll comparisons to be made. First stop was in Freeport at the