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Update on Sunflower pattern

As many of you know, I have a special in my shop for the month of March for subscribers, half off my Sunflower pattern. All proceeds from the patterns are going towards animal relief in the Ukraine.The special is only offered through my website, not on my ETSY site right now.

There are so many organizations who are doing good, hard work in the world. It has been a challenge to sift through and decide which organization would be most helpful.I was trying to find animal specific programs- people who know exactly what is needed and how to get it to who is most in need.

As shelters are being bombed the workers are so dedicated to their job of keeping the animals safe and healthy that many are staying right at the shelters with them. Putting their very own lives on the line- just incredible acts of kindness and heroics. I wanted to help in some way- so the proceeds of any sunflower pattern sales will go directly to an organization who is on the ground and in the thick of it.

From my research, two seem to stand out. One is called IFAW and you can read about them here:

The other that seems most credible at this point is Humane Society International

So far people have been generous and are purchasing the pattern. Each $14 taken in will be added together and sent to one and/or both of these organizations depending on how much is raised.

What I am asking you to do is this- while you sit and do your hooking, please take these quiet moments and think about what the people and families of Ukraine are living through at this moment in time. Pets bring such solace to their people and they deserve to be with their families if at all possible.

I have been working away on some sunflowers myself- actually on a scrap of linen that was left over from another project. I intend to have it framed and place it in a prominent place in our home. I'll share a photo when it is finished.

I know there are other makers who are also offering to make donations too. We can all work together and think about just how fortunate we are and hope that we never have to make the choices that people in another country are being forced to make.

Thank you for your support of this project.I will update you on total amounts later in the month. Please be sure to subscribe to my website for additional specials and offers.


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