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Updated: Dec 1, 2021

We went to a tree farm yesterday on the side of a large hill. As we trudged up the hill, sun in our eyes, I could almost hear the trees saying "pick me, pick me". I felt bad for the trees that weren't perfect- the ones that were too big and had been passed by years before. Finding the right Christmas Tree is challenging. We always do a pick your own and/or cut your own if we can. This way we know that it is coming from a small grower that depends on the sales of his/her trees each season. Also they are fresh- like, really fresh, just cut fresh! What could be better than that?

My husband cutting the tree- didn’t mention that before.


Now, with all of the hoop-la around the holidays- the sales - the gimmicks- the "pick me, pick me" appeal- it's all so hard to ignore! Really? do I need that? do I even "want" that? what is it's purpose in the long run?

Experience- that is what is best for the season. Whether it is DIY, a nostalgic gesture,( home baked or canned goods) a place to visit (someday), a class, a book, music tickets ( again for someday...). My personal favorite is perhaps a DIY- a kit of some kind, or the promise of making, of doing, of creating. Any of the patterns I have can be made into kits , in case you want that option.

When you are thinking of gift giving this season think about the person- would they like something you made yourself? would they appreciate something that is truly artisan made? or would they like something that they can create on their own- long after the holiday frenzy has died down? A future gift of creating will help them to remember the sweetness of the experience- the thought that went into the gesture- the love that it brought and will bring as they work.

I have been working on some gift tag/ornaments that can be used on the tree next year after they open their gift this year. Deanne Fitzpatrick was offering a course on the holidays and these are a take on one of her designs. I added my own flair and adjusted to suit my needs. Maybe they will put it right on the tree now and carefully put it away when the time comes. Next year when they get out their decorations- they will remember this gift, this tag, and it will

bring back the sweet memory of yesteryear.

Think about that this season- think about supporting one ( or many) of your small local businesses. It will not go un-noticed. Think about giving a heritage gift that will last for ages.

Let's not be a disposable society anymore.

Have a look at some of the holiday patterns- some of the holiday colored wool - the linen pieces - the rug hooks...make something or make someone's day with a gift certificate.

Remember- today is the last day for the 10% discount. If you subscribe to you will get the discount code. I can't begin to keep up with all of the sales and marketing that happens during the season. Please know that my prices are prices that are fair- no real room for margin- no real room for discounts.

If you have gotten this far then you might still be interested in the notion of creating for yourself, for someone dear, a neighbor, or gifting a heritage ware. There are lots of folks out there like you- doers, makers, creators- let's keep that vision alive and move it forward into 2022!

Sign up on the website and see what there is- perhaps a give away in the future? or something else special?

Until next time...

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