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Celebrating accomplishments

This week I am celebrating accomplishments of my first vending experience at the Belfast Hook In by 207 Creatives.

Belfast pin cushions

Needle felted pin cushions

hand dyed wool

Hand dyed wool bundles

Managing fears has been something that has come up from time to time in my life. Last weekend was one of them, and I made it through without a hitch.

I have had to give speeches in front of a graduation crowd – twice – and I came out on the other side smiling and proud. Being an introvert has its advantages and certainly, disadvantages. I was a vendor at the Belfast Hook In last Saturday, as well as a co-cordinator, and it was fine – fun in fact. Managing fears and coming out ahead feels like a great success for an introvert like myself. Preparing for weeks, making patterns, sketching new patterns, hand dyeing wool – all sorts of beautiful colors, needle felting some sweet, sweet pin cushions, putting together small lavender bags and more. Wondering just what might catch the hookers attention .

Having the good fortune of being part of a collaboration, now called 207 Creatives, with Connie Fletcher of Seven Gables Design and Beth Miller of Paris House Wool Works has taught me so much and supported my growing talent in this art form. So many thanks go out to them. I look forward to continuing this collaboration with these very talented women and business women. We have some new ideas in mind on how to provide an even better experience for people in the rug hooking world.

Belfast Hook In

Here are some photos that support this newest venture, and I can say that I am proud of its outcome. I learned a lot, will tweak some things, duplicate others and happily move forward towards the next event. Finally doing something that has been part of my fabric for years, perhaps part of my DNA, as the women on my mothers side were makers too. I had a blog post about them a while ago.

Belfast Hook In

These are but a few of the absolutely beautiful rugs that were displayed at the Hook In rug show:

Beautiful rug at the Belfast Hook In

Cats rug

Fisherman rug

Rooster rug

Small works of art

Maine woods rug

Beautiful Maine Woods rug

Such talented people all gathered together to share the love of this heritage craft. You can see how different people make things – how personal they can be. Some are patterns by other artists and some are designed by the individual who hooked them. They all celebrate their accomplishments in one way or the other – whether it is in the completion of the rug, the mere fact that they are doing something that brings them joy or working alongside others who share this craft. Celebrating accomplishments with one another is a powerful thing and should be more a fabric of everyone’s life.

Two Cats and Dog wool, patterns and more

I worked hard to give people some different wool and patterns to add to their collections. All the hand dyeing really paid off in this final rainbow of colors!

Hand dyed wool by twocatsanddoghooking

bagged patterns

Patterns by twocatsanddog ready for customers

207 Creatives in Belfast

Our time in Belfast was sandwiched by 2 lovely activities along with visits to a stable to meet “Andy”, Connie’s horse, and “Emma”, Connie’s new puppy. I loved this time with the animals!

Connie’s puppy, Emma


Connie’s horse, Andy

After a long, long afternoon of setting up on Friday, we ate at Chase’s Daily in Belfast.

yummy cake

Delicious cake from Chase’s Daily in Belfast, Maine

And finally, on Sunday, we went to a Yin yoga class with a soft voiced yoga instructor named Missy Hatch and Tibetan Singing Bowls.

Now to move forward and continue celebrating accomplishments.

Please visit my site to purchase wool and patterns, or to see my finished work.

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