Appreciating the beauty of the garden

Appreciating the beauty of the garden. Looking out the kitchen window at this time of year is glorious. The dahlias are in bloom and are strutting their stuff. My husband planted some new varieties this year and they are just starting to bloom- and are they ever beautiful! The house is filled with them.

Vegetables a plenty

The vegetables are doing well too- tomatoes, squash, herbs, greens, potatoes, onions, garlic, brocolli, peppers, beets, pumpkins , gourds and some popcorn ( which is a new addition). The deer have loved the green bean

Appreciating dahlias from the garden
(boo) eating the bulk of them.The peas were plentiful but are now long gone. I forgot to mention the raspberries- red, yellow and black. We didn’t do a very good job keeping up with those- some are in the freezer, but we lost more than we care to admit.

Freezer peaches became jam, some peppers became pickled with the rest

Appreciating vegetables from the garden
awaiting their fate. I’ve roasted tomatoes and have plans to make salsa with some more. The spiralizer has become a staple lately turning yellow squash and zucchini into “pasta”. Why didn’t I use this cool tool in the past! The beets have yet to be spiralized but definitely is in the back of my mind for a fun treat.

The wildlife dilemma

The sunflowers survived the deer this year- maybe because they have been busy devouring the hosta plants around the yard ( another boo).

The potatoes, winter squash and onions will keep through the fall and early winter. We will decorate with the pumpkins and gourds. The canned vegetables and preserves will last us too. This has been a good year for us and next year will be even better when my husband retires and is home to garden his heart out!